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18.12.2001 - 31.12.2013

Suzie was our little rescue dog who came to us in December 2001, taken away from dreadful circumstances, she was literally handed to me, sadly skin and bone.  She has been a treasured part of our canine family all these years and fit in so well with the Beardies who all had a massive amount of respect for her even though she was little - she always kept up with them on walks and it was only the wind and rain that put her off coming out with us all. She was not a dog we would have chosen but we are grateful that we had many happy, entertaining years with this delightful little soul - we miss having a little dog around but there will never be another Suzie .......... xx






Talraz Trivial Pursuit

31.8.93 - 12.12.07

Ollie was our third Beardie boy who also came from Liz and Mick (Talraz). He was born on 31 Aug 1993.  Again we had lots of fun showing him when he was a puppy but he dropped his coat when he was about 18 months old and unfortunately it did not return unti he was about 10 !.

In his younger days he was extremely active and had no sense of danger and would run alongside the othere with his head turned, not looking where he ws going. There has been many heart stopping moments with Ollie.

He is always there to remind us that it is walk time or dinner time and once these have been attended to he will quietly take himself off for a nap, usually on our bed.  He was greatly affected when he lost his pals Charlie and Murphy, yet he has happily accepted pups coming into our home and they in turn have a quiet respect for Ollie, who we nicknamed Nookie Bear due his endearing expression.

We hope we have many more years with this lovely, unassuming boy, our Ollie.


Very sadly Ollie left for Rainbow Bridge on the 13th December 2007 aged 14 after suddendly suffering a stroke. This dear old boy wagged his tail to the very end.  We of course miss him but have no doubt that he was met by his old chums Murphy and Charlie.  God Bless you Ol, we miss you so much xx - This photo was taken on his 14th birthday in August.



25.7.1988 - 15.8.2003

Talraz Lunar Lashkar - 2 RCC

As we have already said, Murphy was our first Beardie and little did we know that he would be the start of a whole new way of life for us.  Liz encouraged us to show him and at our very first show he won his class and that was it !!!! [Murphy - Talraz Lunar Lashkar]   We had a respectable amount of success with him at shows but it was away from shows that the "real" Murphy appeared.  Everyone who has lived with Beardies probably has that "special" dog and I can honestly say that Murphy was my "heart dog".  I learnt a lot with Murphy and in the beginning I don't mind admitting that he literally walked all over me !  However, having said that our relationship became very special, he was never far from my side and I miss him; he was extremely intelligent and when he was older he had, what I can only describe as an inbuilt wisdom .......... he was a gentleman.



17.6.1990 - 11.10.2002

Talraz Mickey Finn JW, 2 RCC

Charlie was Murphy's son but they were like chalk and cheese.  I can't help but smile when I think of Charlie.  Murphy and him were really good pals and again we had a respectable amount of success with him in the show ring.  However, where Murphy was the easiest dog to show, Charlie never ever kept one foot still and was unpredictable as to what he would do.  If Graham was at the show with us then it was just about impossible as he would contstantly look for him.  He too was hilarious but where comedy came naturally to Murphy, Charlie didn't realise how funny he was.  He had a gentle and soft side to him and on an evening was    usually curled up next to  Graham on the settee.  I still can't work out whether he was very intelligent or a bit dim;  we never managed to get him to lay down, on command, he would just sit there staring at us and never gave a paw when asked but then would put his paw on your arm about 5 minutes later !  He was the first of our Beardies we had to say goodbye to and we still feel that he was taken away too soon.  Although he was twelve he was never an old dog so our memories of him are still of an active and spirited lad, who again we greatly miss.

       " ....... and it's the hardest thing under the sun above,

                  to say goodbye to the ones you love,

                  but I will not weep, nor make a scene,

                  but say thank you life for having been ......"



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